The Pilate Inscription

Photo from Fallen Empires DESCRIPTION
Language: Latin
Medium: limestone
Size: 82 centimeters high
65 centimeters wide
Length: 4 lines of writing
Genre: Building Dedication
Dedicator: Pontius Pilate
(praefect of Judea)
Approximate Date: 26–37 CE
Place of Discovery: Caesarea, Israel
Date of Discovery: 1961
Chief Excavator: Antonio Frova
Current Location: Israel Museum
Inventory number: AE 1963 no. 104

(with suggested reconstruction)
by K. C. Hanson & Douglas E. Oakman
To the honorable gods (this) Tiberium
Pontius Pilate,
Prefect of Judea,
had dedicated


1. What would motivate a prefect like Pilate to dedicate a temple in honor of Tiberius?

2. What terms do the gospels and Acts use for Pilate's office? Tacitus (see Annals 15.44)? Josephus (see War 2.117, 169)? Philo (see Ad Gaium 299)?
3. What were the responsibilities of a Roman prefect in an imperial province?
4. What do we know about the role of the "imperial cult" in the eastern part of the Roman Empire? How does it compare with other parts of the empire, and what accounts for the differences?
5. What was the relationship between Caesarea and Jerusalem during the first century?
6. What is the relevance of an inscription such as this one regarding the dating and identification of persons mentioned in the Bible?

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