The Melqart Stele


Temple of Melqart in Tyre
Language: Aramaic
Medium: basalt stele
Length: 5 lines
Approximate Date: 9th-8th cent. BCE
Genre: votive
Place of Discovery: Bredsh, a village north of
Aleppo, Syria
Date of Discovery: c. 1939
Current Location: National Museum
Aleppo, Syria
Inscription number: KAI 201

(Albright 1942:23-29)

(Adapted from Black 1958:239)

nsb' . zy . sm br . h
1 The monument which Bar-Hadad, son of Tab-Rimmon,

dd. br'zr . dmsqy . 'br
2 son of Hadyan, king of Aram, set up for

mlk 'rm . lmr'h lmlqr
3 his lord, Melqart. He vowed (this) to him,

t . zy nzr . lh wsm' . lql
4 and he listened to his voice.



Bar-Hadad I was king of Aram 885-865 BCE. He was the son of Tab-Rimmon and grandson of Hezion. He was a contemporary of Kings Elah (885 BCE), Zimri (885 BCE), Omri (885-874 BCE), and Ahab (873-853 BCE) of Israel, and Kings Asa (911-871 BCE) and Jehoshaphat (871-848 BCE) of Judah.

Tab-Rimmon was also an Aramean king, but his dates are unknown.

Melqart was the patron god of the Phoenician city of Tyre on the eastern Mediterranean coast.


1. What is the importance of vows in the ancient Mediterranean World? (see Parker )

2. What issues does Bar-Hadad's name raise in terms of ancient Israel's chronology? (See 1 Kings 15:18; 20:1; 2 Kings 13:24)
3. With what Greek hero was the god Melqart associated? (see Ribichini )
4. With what Mesopotamian god of the underworld was Melqart perhaps associated?

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