Neo-Assyrian Kings
c. 934–610 BCE


and Succession

c. 931–912 BCE
Ashur-dan II
son of Tiglath-pileser II
911–891 BCE
Adad-nirari II
son of Ashur-dan II
890–884 BCE
Tukulti-ninurta II
son of Adad-nirari II
883–859 BCE
Ashurnasirpal II
son of Tukulti-ninurta II
858–824 BCE
Shalmaneser III
son of Ashurnasirpal II
823–811 BCE
Shamshi-Adad V
son of Shalmaneser III
687–681 BCE
Adad-nirari III
son of Shamshi-Adad V
782–773 BCE
Shalmaneser IV
son of Adad-nirari III
772–755 BCE
Ashur-Dan III
son of Shalmaneser IV
754–745 BCE
Ashur-nirari V
son of Ashur-dan III
744–727 BCE
Tiglath-pileser III
possibly a usurper
729–722 BCE
Shalmaneser V
son of Tiglath-pileser III
721–705 BCE
Sargon II
irregular succession
704–681 BCE
son of Sargon II
680–669 BCE
son of Sennacherib
668–627 BCE
son of Esarhaddon


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