The Ossuary
of Joseph Caiaphas

Photo by Mark Christianson ©1994
used by permission
Language Aramaic
Medium limestone
Approximate Size 37 centimeters high
75 centimeters long
Length 1 line of writing
Genre Ossuary Inscription
Date 1st century CE
Place of Discovery The Peace Forest, Jerusalem
Date of Discovery December 1990
Excavator Zvi Greenhut
Israel Antiquities Authority
Current Location Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Reburial of bones Mount of Olives, Jerusalem

Yehosef bar Kayafa'
Joseph son of Caiaphas


1. How would one go about authenticating such an ossuary and inscription?

2. What reasons did the ancient Judeans have for "secondary burial" in ossuaries (bone boxes)?

3. In which of the four New Testament Gospels is Caiaphas mentioned? How is he depicted in each?

4. What is the importance of such an archaeological find for New Testament interpretation? For the history of first-century Judea?

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