Sennacherib Prism
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Adapted from Luckenbill (1924:27-31)
1and settled in it people of the lands my hands had conquered. 2The people of the land of the Kassites and the land of the Yasubigallai, 3who had fled before my arms, 4I brought down out of the mountains and 5settled them in Hardishpi and Bît-Kubatti. 6Into the hand of my official, the governor of Arapha, 7I placed them. I had a stele made, and 8the might of my conquering hand which I had 9established upon them, I had inscribed on it. 10I set it up in the midst of the city.
The front of my yoke I turned around and 11took the road to the land of the Elippi. 12Before me Ispabâra, their king, 13abandoned his strong cities, his treasurehouses, 14and fled to the distant parts. 15Over the whole of his wide land I swept like a hurricane. 16The cities Marubishti and Akkuddu, 17his royal residence-cities, together with 34 small towns 18of their area, I besieged, I captured, I destroyed, I devastated, 19I burned with fire. The people, great and small, male and female, 20horses, mules, asses, camels, 21cattle, and sheep, without number I carried off. 22I brought him to nothing; I diminished his land.
23Sisirtu and Kummahlum, 24strong cities, together with the small towns in their areas, 25the district of Bît-Barrû in its totality, 26I cut off from his land and added it to the territory of Assyria. 27Elenzash I turned into the royal city 28and stronghold of that district. 29I changed its former name, calling its name Kar-Sennacherib. 30Peoples of the lands my hands had conquered 31I settled in it. To my official, 32the governor of Harhar, I handed it over. Thus I extended my land.
33-35On my return, I received the heavy tribute of the distant Medes, whose name none of the kings, my fathers, had ever heard. 36I made them submit to the yoke of my rule.
37In my third campaign, I went against the Hittite-land. 38Lulê, king of Sidon, the terrifying splendor 39of my sovereignty overcame him, and far off 40into the midst of the sea he fled. There he died. 41Great Sidon, Little Sidon, 42Bît-Zitti, Zaribtu, Mahalliba, 43Ushu, Akzib, Akko, 44his strong, walled cities, where there were fodder and drink, 45for his garrisons, the terrors of the weapon of Assur, 46my lord, overpowered them and they bowed in submission at my feet. 47I seated Tuba'lu on the royal throne 48over them, and tribute, gifts for my majesty, 49I imposed upon him for all time, without ceasing.
50From Menachem, the Shamsimurunite, 51Tuba'lu the Sidonite, 52Abdi-liti the Arvadite, 53Uru-milki the Gublite, 54Mitinti the Ashdodite 55Budu-ilu the Beth Ammonite, 56Kammusu-nadbi the Moabite, 57Malik-rammu the Edomite, 58kings of Amurru, all of them, numerous presents 59as their heavy tribute, 60they brought before me for the fourth time, and kissed my feet.
But Sidka, 61the king of Ashkelon, who had not submitted 62to my yoke, the gods of his father's house, himself, his wife, 63his sons, his daughters, his brothers, the seed of his paternal house, 64I tore away and brought to Assyria. 65Sharru-lu-dari, son of Rukibti, their former king, 66I set over the people of Ashkelon, and 67I imposed upon him the payment of tribute: presents to my majesty. 68He accepted my yoke. In the course of my campaign, 69Beth-Dagon, Joppa, 70Banaibarka, Asuru, cities 71of Sidka, who had not speedily bowed in 72submission at my feet, I besieged, I conquered, I carried off their spoil.
73The officials, nobles, and people of Ekron, 74who had thrown Padi their king—bound by oath and curse of Assyria— 75into fetters of iron and 76-77had given him over to Hezekiah, the Judahite—he kept him in confinement like an enemy— 78their heart became afraid, 79and they called upon the Egyptian kings, the bowmen, chariots and horses 80of the king of Meluhha [Ethiopia], a countless host, and 81these came to their aid. 82In the neighborhood of Eltekeh, 83their ranks being drawn up before me,

Arapha is located at the modern Iraqi city of Kirkuk.
The Medes were the kingdom along the south side of the Caspian Sea in what is now northern Iran (see, for example, 2 Kings 17:6; Isaiah 13:17; Jeremiah 51:11; Esther 1:19).
Ekron was one of the five Philistine city-states (see, for example, Joshua 13:3; Judges 1:18; 1 Samuel 5:10; 2 Kings 1:2).

Luckenbill, Daniel David. The Annals of Sennacherib. Oriental Institute Publications 2. Chicago: Univ. of Chicago, 1924.

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